A short story about Christmas – Merry Chirstmas!

Christmas morning in 2020 has dawned.
We see a holy, warm light in everything that surrounds us.
I don’t know how warm my heart was when I was especially celebrating White Christmas. Because it seemed that God had covered this sin-stained world in white.

However, this Christmas is not just a warm heart.
These days, many people call Christmas X-mas or just holiday. Some Christians call it that way. Some even swear that Christmas is called Christmas.
Those who do not like to have God in their hearts try to erase Jesus from the history of this world.

Christmas is a day of warm grace that God loves us sinners.
This day allowed us to see God, to know God, and to be saved.

Praise more, Christians. And let’s declare it more boldly. Joy to the world!!!

Merry Christmas

The Fall Quarter completes successfully

The Fall quarter was all over on the 16th. School staff and students thank God for the safe completion of a course in the online class, where everything was experimental.

Instructors and students expect this quarter’s achievement to be higher than last summer because the technical team revised and supplemented many processes, making the class much smoother.

After all the exams, the school staff, instructors, and students attended a closing service led by the Chapel Worship Band online and dedicated all schedules for this quarter to God.

Then they greet each other happily and finish all the steps.

The final exam begins

Final exams began in all subjects on the 10th.

Again, the media technology team paid close attention to ensure that the final exams were conducted well online. In particular, they are doing their best in server management to ensure that the performance exam is uninterrupted through real-time streaming.

The online class was already held for over a year. Even after the pandemic is over, the advantages of online are expected to remain the same, but we hope that the advantages of offline can also be reappeared.

Jubilee School’s Vision for 2021

The School Board of Education has announced the 2021 Agenda. “Practical method rooted in the essence”

In 2021, many changes are expected in schools. The Board of Education adjusted and inspected the educational direction of the school under the motto of the cliched but biblical teachings that were valid at all times, that “the purpose of all music is to worship God.”

Nashville, where the school is located, is at the global top of the popular music production industry, including Christian popular music. That’s why Nashville is also the most crowded place of pop musicians in the world. This means that Nashville is a city for musicians who already have their skills.

Jubilee School is planning to create a curriculum in 2021 by combining the above motto with the characteristics of the city.

Through the master’s program, Worship music ministers will be nurtured, and certificate courses such as audio engineer and music product production will be opened as more specialized courses.

Jubilee School will cultivate more professional Christian musicians through this direction.