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School maintenance news

Last week, there was a major maintenance at the school. Jubilee School completely replaced the roof, which was nearing its end of life, this time, checked the heating system in

The first class starts after the fall break

After about 2 weeks of fall break, classes start again from today. The Student Affairs Office said in an interview: “Students have had enough rest and review time after midterm

Fall Break begins

Fall break starts about 2 weeks from today. The annual ‘Global Christian Education Summit’ is scheduled to be held in South Korea this year, so this fall break is much

2022 Fall Quarter Orientation

On September 9th, the final exam period began at the same time as all classes in the summer quarter ended. Faculty and students gave thanks and glory to God for

Dancing Before the Lord with Wild Abandonment

Contributed by A. Merril Smoak, Jr., Dean of the Jubilee School If you Google the adjective “abandoned” you will find two definitions: having been deserted or cast off – “an abandoned

2022 Summer Song Camp Schedule Announced

The 2022 summer song camp schedule has been announced. This summer song camp will be held from August 8th to 19th, excluding weekends and Sundays. The song camp schedule will

2022 Summer Quarter begins

The 2022 Summer quarter started with orientation on 5th July. Although the number of subjects and students in the summer quarter is relatively small compared to other quarters, it is