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Breathecast Internship

Breathecast, the nation’s largest online source for Christian music, has partnered with The Jubilee School to provide an internship program for students to develop real-life work skills and experience in the field of Christian music media in a professional environment

The internship is a 10-week program in which students log in a total of 120 hours (12 hours per week) under the supervision of the Breathecast Internship Manager. Successful completers will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.

Type of Training/Education: Practical Work/Media Skills in Professional Environment.

New Skills/Knowledge: Knowledge in Worship, CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) and pop Christian music and its trend, understanding of online media marketing, basic journalism skills, music reviews, public relations, interviewing skills, managing websites, archiving artist library, music files and more.

What a completer can do with the training: Having gained valuable real-life experience working in online Christian music media, students have an advantage working in similar fields that require some experience or knowledge in online media, journalism, Christian music, Christian ministries and website management.