Jubilee song Project: Collaboration between Jubilee School and local musicians

Jubilee School is promoting the Jubileesong Project to help revitalize the local Christian music ministry, which has been somewhat reduced to Pandemic.

The Jubileesong Project is a song fellowship for all Christians who want to preach the gospel through their voices and songs. Participants such as cover songs, remix songs, and Virture Choir, as well as their own songs, can upload the contents of all Christian songs they want to share. When the pandemic situation calms down to some extent, Jubilee School will provide the school’s facilities to Nashville residents who are participating in the project, creating an environment where Christian musicians can collaborate.

In addition, Jubilee School will select quality and impressive songs to regularly hold concerts and produce albums for release.

Jubilee School will produce the minimum musical content and form a ministry form through which the Song Project can be operated by May. School staff expect that this project will be active from June, when all basic work has been completed and the project is in full swing.

It is hoped that there will be active participation of many Christian musicians in the Nashville area as well as Jubilee School students.

Chapel Worship Team provides worship service online

School Chapel Worship Team will provide online worship service

SIn the meantime, the Department of school chapel has replaced the chapel by meditating on the text of worship and writing reflection. Meanwhile, the Department of School Chapel came up with an online worship service by finding ways to continue to provide students with a lively life of worship. However, since the Worship team, which plays a pivotal role in worship, is composed of student musicians, their decision to participate is the key to the project.

SIn fact, this is not an easy project. It is virtually impossible to worship with live broadcasts because all students are currently staying in the hometown. So the Department of school chapel and the Worship team each chose to produce a video in advance and edit it.

SWhen the Department of school chapel decides the theme and scripture of the weekly worship, the Worship Leader selects the song and the Music Director delivers the arrangement chart to each musician. In addition, each preaching video, song video, and performance video is produced and delivered to the media part. The media part is edited according to the order of worship and uploaded on the day of worship to provide to each student.

SWe would like to express our deep gratitude to the Department of school chapel and the Student Worship Team members for making this difficult decision.

SThrough this project, I hope the enthusiasm of Jubilee School will rekindle.

Students successfully complete the spring semester registration

In the last week of April, students successfully completed the course registration. When all subjects were converted to online courses, the timing and method of practical subjects changed. The Office of Student Affairs expected the students to have a lot of confusion. However, what was expected did not happen. With the active support of faculty members and school administration staff, all students were able to complete all classes normally without missing a single student.

In general, this semester, students prefer project classes that require collaboration. The flexibility and concentration of online classes and the process of collaborating with each other appealed to students.

In addition, the Office of Student Affairs once again emphasized that it would not delay alertness to the corona virus from China.

“We hope that we will all meet again on campus in a healthy way. There are some great advantages of online classes, but we will miss the scene of the school that was noisy to praise God. All be healthy. And see you again with joy. “