Summer Quarter has finished well

All classes in the summer quarter on August 28th ended, leaving only the final exam period from August 31st to September 4th.

Although the server replacement and maintenance period were intertwined, this quarter was also well completed thanks to mutual cooperation between staff and professors.

One of the characteristics of this quarter is that the professors made good use of the characteristics of the online class to increase students’ academic achievement. The professors did not teach the class alone as they did in the existing offline class. Basic concept lectures were shortened and 1 on 1 classes were held with students so that all students in the class could follow the class without falling behind.

Students were also greatly satisfied with this teaching method, and their satisfaction was reflected in the teaching evaluation.

We applaud the various staff and professors who did their best for the successful summer quarter, and to all the students who followed well.

Reopening of the music library

The music library, which had been discontinued due to server maintenance and replacement work, will soon be reopened.

The server team checked all servers in the school last July. Among them, 30% of them are obsolete and their performance is significantly lowered, so the school completely replaced the old servers in August.

Among the servers being replaced, there is a server related to music library materials, so students were inevitably unable to use the music library for about two months in July and August.

However, the library team will provide even better services to students, such as reordering files and renewing the platform. Above all, it is said that some convenient functions are added to help students practice music analysis.

Currently, the setting is almost finished. The library team expects that students will be able to use the music library smoothly from mid-September.

The student library is moved to the first floor for a smooth music education flow.

The librarian decided to move the general student library currently located on the second floor to the first floor for offline classes that will be reopened next year.

This is because all classes are currently being conducted on the second floor, and music practice and analysis, recording and performance are the main contents of the class, so the head of the library judged that the general library attached to the class room interferes with the flow of the students’ music classes. Instead, the library team decided to keep the music books on the second floor.

In this way, the facilities on the second floor are arranged for students’ classes.

We would like to thank all of the library staff who are working hard for the musical growth of future Christian musicians.

The school will begin major facility maintenance to normalize offline classes next year.

The school is starting a major facility maintenance for next year’s offline classes while all classes are being conducted online.

Above all, we will focus on making the best use of the school’s strengths.

Jubilee School has three separate classrooms, a showcase stage, a large performance hall, and a small recording studio.

The advantage of Jubilee School is that it has all facilities for classes and practice on the second floor, so students can proceed with learning by connecting theory and practice through a single flow.

First, Jubilee School will organize individual classrooms and optimize them to suit the purpose of the school.

One school staff said, “I felt so excited that our committed music students thought about studying music freely and happily here.

The School Trimmed Trees Extensively.

The school held a major annual tree trimming on August 1.