Worship Leader Certificate

The Jubilee School’s Worship Leader Certificate is a one-year graduate certificate program that provides students with the academic and practical training necessary for them to become competent and influential individuals in the field of music ministry.

Students working towards their Worship Leadership Certificate will be required to complete 24 quarter units under 4 categories: Worship Leadership, Church Music Administration, Church Music History, and Advanced Music Theory. The program length is 12 months.

MM501 Worship Leadership 4
MU501 Contemporary Praise & Worship Songs 4
MU502 The Hymn in the Christian Worship 4
MM502 Church Music Administration 4
MU503 Chord Progression 4
MM503 Worship Technology 4

Course Description

MM501 Worship LeadershipThis class surveys leadership and administration skills needed to lead a vocal praise team and worship band. The class emphasizes the musical skills and spiritual leadership role of worship leaders as they work with the vocal praise team and the worship band.

MU501 Contemporary Praise & Worship SongsContemporary praise and worship songs continue to be a vital part of Christian life and worship. This course will study the late 20th century development of these songs, the texts and music of these songs, and the use of these songs in worship today.

MU502 The Hymn in Christian WorshipThis course surveys the history of the hymn in Christian worship and the contemporary use of hymns in Christian worship today. There will be an emphasis on listening and comprehension of traditional hymns and how to use hymns in contemporary worship in Graduate level.

MU503 Chord ProgressionCourse covering a variety of writing techniques and approaches in a variety of styles and ensemble settings. It deepens the student’s understanding of the elements of notation, structure and style in the creative writing process, with these elements studied from practical and theoretical perspectives.

MM503 Worship TechnologyA study of the role and use of technology in worship for music ministers and worship leaders. The course will emphasize the application of sound reinforcement, multi-media projection, and lighting in diverse worship settings. Attention will be given to the selection and use of computer, software, audio, and lighting equipment.