Summer Song Camp ended well amid of applause and cheers.

Summer Song Camp, which started on July 14th, ended successfully on July 24th.

As the whole process was conducted online, this songwriting camp was more streamlined than last year and faced unexpected difficulties. However, with the patience and unity of all the staff and participants, the whole process could be completed safely.

The overall winners of this Song Camp came out of the graduates. (The name is omitted because he does not want it.) The following is the winner’s impression of this year’s victory.

“Actually, I am a person who lacks a lot of music, so I can’t believe this win. If the factor that was able to win is the content of the lyrics and the musical atmosphere that matched it well. Actually, my evaluation of musical technique is intermediate. However, many colleagues who participated with the judges gave a very good evaluation of the lyrics, and the reason I was able to write such lyrics is the result of meditation and application of the Bible, which I did for 30 minutes every morning. In the end, it was the result of the grace that came from my relationship with God.”

The winner will be given the opportunity to showcase the album production fee and showcase.

The academic department prepares for the launch of the songwriting course.

On July 15th, the academic department announced that it was preparing to launch the songwriting course.

The establishment of majors in the school is determined by the principle of cultivating music artists who will thoroughly support and lead worship and mission. Accordingly, the academic department announced the meaning of the opening of the songwriting course as follows.

“One of the essential elements in the field of worship and mission is song. The song reflects the situation in the field and at the same time reflects the theology and sentiment of the Christian community to which the songwriter belongs. Therefore, in the field of worship and mission Songwriters can play a big role in leading the rally. This course, which will be opened, aims to systematically maximize students’ songwriting sensations and develop the ability to apply them in the field.”

The songwriting course is expected to be opened as a non-certificate course.

Online Summer Songwriting Camp is Started

Summer songwriting camp began on Tuesday (14th). However, this year’s camp goes online, unlike last year’s offline. Therefore, many parts of the scale have been reduced.

Jubilee School’s Summer Songwriting Camp is held annually for our graduates and students. It consists of a group of vocalists, beatmakers, topliners, etc. to create a Christian song and open a showcase.

Jubilee School started this camp as part of nurturing future Christian songwriters. In addition, the camp introduced a collaborative system to help students learn how to communicate and share among musicians, so that their creativity can greatly develop in a short period of time.

The camp will be closed on the 24th and the production cost will be provided to the group that received the most responses through the online showcase.