Fall Quater begins

The 2020 fall quater began with classes on September 21st.

Like the previous quater, all classes are conducted online in this quater. In the last quater evaluation, the collaboration method between students, group lectures and 1:1 lecture collaboration, and flexible class time planning method, which students actively supported, were further upgraded and applied to this Quater.

The school has doubled the media department this time to help students clear all classes without a hitch. The effect was greatly revealed from the first day of class. The same phenomenon as before, where the flow of classes was cut off, disappeared as online communication was conducted almost without time lag.

The students expressed their great satisfaction with this and greatly raised their enthusiasm for the academic achievements of this fall quater 2020.

Meeting with seniors, “Find the meaning of your music in the Lord”

This fall quarter orientation was held on September 15th. Unlike in previous years, this orientation, which was held online, had a special order.

It was a meeting time with school seniors working as Christian music ministries across the country.

Three student seniors were willing to participate for the juniors. There was about an hour of testimony from seniors and questions from junior students.

Their common testimony was about the meaning of their music they found in the Lord.

“Everyone, what does it mean to do ministry with music? Maybe you have a vision for music ministry and you are now attending this school. Then, to my question I just asked you should have your clear confession. Music ministry means pastoring with music What is pastoring?It is to lead the sheep of the Lord to the Lord so that they can dwell in the Lord and do the work of the Lord, so I had to make a decision. Pastoring with music is beyond the world of musical self-satisfaction….”

This meeting with seniors provided a very beneficial experience for the students. Many students confessed that they came to take the role models of seniors who are playing the role of light and salt in the world in the Lord.

We are deeply grateful to the graduates who took the time in their busy lives to guide their juniors in the Lord’s way.

End of the 1st course registration period

On September 11, the first course registration period ended.

The first course registration period is a charge-free registration period, and if you register beyond this period, a late fee will be charged.

The total number of students enrolled in this fall quarter has decreased slightly compared to the previous year, but the number of subjects enrolled per student has increased. Perhaps the flexibility in time arrangements offered by online classes encouraged students to take more courses.

The second course registration period is until September 18th. If there are students who have not yet completed the course registration, I hope that they will finish well within the period.

This summer’s quarter’s academic achievement hits the top.

The summer quarter is completely over with the final exam period on the 4th.

As we saw in the last article, this quarter is very successful. And it’s also a period of accomplishing a lot.

Students’ academic achievement was higher than any other quarter. And many of the school’s facilities have been upgraded and well maintained in preparation for next year’s offline classes.

The biggest achievement would be the combined teaching method of concept lecture and 1 on 1 class. This method is a hybrid method in which both professors and students are satisfied. Perhaps even if the offline class is reopened next year, we think that this method will continue to be utilized.

In addition, the method of online classes is expected to be further developed for the remaining period.