A short story about Christmas – Merry Chirstmas!


Christmas morning in 2020 has dawned.
We see a holy, warm light in everything that surrounds us.
I don’t know how warm my heart was when I was especially celebrating White Christmas. Because it seemed that God had covered this sin-stained world in white.

However, this Christmas is not just a warm heart.
These days, many people call Christmas X-mas or just holiday. Some Christians call it that way. Some even swear that Christmas is called Christmas.
Those who do not like to have God in their hearts try to erase Jesus from the history of this world.

Christmas is a day of warm grace that God loves us sinners.
This day allowed us to see God, to know God, and to be saved.

Praise more, Christians. And let’s declare it more boldly. Joy to the world!!!

Merry Christmas