Meeting with seniors, “Find the meaning of your music in the Lord”


This fall quarter orientation was held on September 15th. Unlike in previous years, this orientation, which was held online, had a special order.

It was a meeting time with school seniors working as Christian music ministries across the country.

Three student seniors were willing to participate for the juniors. There was about an hour of testimony from seniors and questions from junior students.

Their common testimony was about the meaning of their music they found in the Lord.

“Everyone, what does it mean to do ministry with music? Maybe you have a vision for music ministry and you are now attending this school. Then, to my question I just asked you should have your clear confession. Music ministry means pastoring with music What is pastoring?It is to lead the sheep of the Lord to the Lord so that they can dwell in the Lord and do the work of the Lord, so I had to make a decision. Pastoring with music is beyond the world of musical self-satisfaction….”

This meeting with seniors provided a very beneficial experience for the students. Many students confessed that they came to take the role models of seniors who are playing the role of light and salt in the world in the Lord.

We are deeply grateful to the graduates who took the time in their busy lives to guide their juniors in the Lord’s way.