Students successfully complete the spring semester registration


In the last week of April, students successfully completed the course registration. When all subjects were converted to online courses, the timing and method of practical subjects changed. The Office of Student Affairs expected the students to have a lot of confusion. However, what was expected did not happen. With the active support of faculty members and school administration staff, all students were able to complete all classes normally without missing a single student.

In general, this semester, students prefer project classes that require collaboration. The flexibility and concentration of online classes and the process of collaborating with each other appealed to students.

In addition, the Office of Student Affairs once again emphasized that it would not delay alertness to the corona virus from China.

“We hope that we will all meet again on campus in a healthy way. There are some great advantages of online classes, but we will miss the scene of the school that was noisy to praise God. All be healthy. And see you again with joy. “