This summer’s quarter’s academic achievement hits the top.


The summer quarter ended with the final exam period on September 9, and as we saw in the mood of the staff and student results, this quarter has been quite successful.
Students’ academic achievement is the highest we have seen compared to all other school quarters.

The most significant achievement we had was the combined teaching method of group lectures and one-on-one advising or study sessions. This method is a hybrid method in which both professors and students are satisfied because the students get the chance to understand the lessons better, and lecturers get personal feedback from each student.

The one-on-one and group lecture hybrid teaching was easier to set up because we moved to online studies.  However, even if the offline class is in effect next year, we will still use online studies to accommodate some students and hold more one-on-one advising sessions.

In addition, we expect online classes to improve for the remaining period of the year. Therefore, we have high hopes for student performance and satisfaction.