2021 Fall Quarter Orientation


On Friday, September 14th, there was the 2021 Fall Quarter Orientation.

The schedule for this fall quarter, which students must be aware of in relation to classes, is as follows.

  1. September 17 – Last day to register
  2. September 23 – Fall quarter begins (first day of classes) / Add/Drop course without charge begins
  3. September 29 – Last day to add/drop courses without charge
  4. September 30 – Late add/drop courses with fee begins
  5. October 6 – Last day to add courses with fee
  6. October 13 – Last day to drop courses with fee / Last day to apply for Fall quarter Leave of Absence
  7. December 13 – Last day of classes
  8. December 14 to 17 -Final exam period
  9. December 17 – Fall quarter ends

The orientation was conducted with director Kwon’s warm greetings to the students, the representative professor’s advice on academic achievement, the testimonies of alumni, and a special song by the winner of last summer’s song camp.

We hope this fall quarter will also become a Jubilee School that can fully fulfill the mission of music education in God.