2021 Summer Song Camp Well Done.


Summer Song Camp, which started on July 2, ended successfully on July 30.

Because the summer Song Camp was online, we faced unexpected difficulties even though we pushed to optimize the camp activities. However, with the patience and unity of all the staff and participants, our school could complete the songwriting camp safely and successfully.

The winner of this Song Camp came out of the graduates (we omitted his name because of his privacy). The following is the winner’s impression of this year’s victory.

“I am a person who lacks much music, so I can’t believe this win if the factor that was able to win is the content of the lyrics and the musical atmosphere that matched it well. My evaluation of musical technique is intermediate. However, many colleagues who participated with the judges gave an excellent evaluation of the lyrics. I wrote such lyrics because of meditation and application of the Bible, which I did for 30 minutes every morning. In the end, it was the result of the grace that came from my relationship with God.”

The winner will be allowed to showcase the album production fee and showcase.