Spring Quarter is Over


The Spring 2021 Quarter ended yesterday on June 23.

Faculty members said that the rough results of the last week’s final exams showed the students’ high academic achievement during the spring quarter. The high academic performance allowed school authorities to know that the online class system implemented last year is now fully established.

The advantage of online classes is that students can access the same content repeatedly anytime, anywhere. Consequently, we could correlate that frequent revision of lessons and lectures boosted academic achievement; students also mentioned this as the most significant advantage of online classes.

However, there are also some disadvantages. In particular, the less proficient in I.T. a lecturer is, the more time it takes to prepare for the class. From the professor’s point of view, the preparation time increased for each lecture. In the music practice class, all the professors had to get help constantly from the school’s media support department because the specificity of each music class made it challenging to transition without resetting the class layout.

Since we expect on-site classes to begin, possibly, from next year, the school authorities are going through meetings to smoothen these ridges. Therefore, we expect a merge that combines online and offline classes advantages to provide optimal studies.

The school gives utmost thanks and glory to God for the successful closing of this year’s Spring Quarter, and the school is genuinely grateful that there were no students who suffered from the coronavirus. In addition, the school would like to encourage all the students and professors to keep persevering till the end.