Spring Quarter is Over


The Spring 2021 Quarter ended yesterday on June 23rd.

Faculty members said that the rough results of the last week’s final exams showed the students’ high academic achievement during the spring quarter. This allowed school authorities to know that the online class system, which was first implemented since last year, is now fully established.

The advantage of online classes is that students can access the same content over and over again anytime, anywhere. The effect of repetition was directly reflected in academic achievement. Students also mentioned this as the biggest advantage of online classes.

However, there are also some disadvantages. From the professor’s point of view, it was found that the preparation time was increased. In particular, the less proficient in I.T, the more time it took to prepare for the class. And in the music practical class, not the theory class, all the professors had to get help from the school’s media support department. This is because of the specificity of music classes.

Since it is predicted that on-site classes will be possible from next year, the school authorities are going through many meetings about this from now on. A very effective model that combines online and offline classes is expected to emerge.

The school gives deep thanks and glory to God for the successful closing of this year’s Spring Quarter. In particular, the school was very grateful that there were no students suffering from the corona virus. In addition, the school would like to express its deep gratitude to all the students and professors who are going through this difficult time together.

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