On the 26th, the Chapel Team Held a Thanksgiving Service.


On the 26th, the Chapel team held a thanksgiving service with students online.

On this day, the chapel team held a service time for about 30 minutes from 6 am early in the morning considering the time with the family.

Below is a summary of the message for the day.

“What is the subject of your gratitude? Is it satisfaction in the world? True Christians thank God through the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Also, that is the thanksgiving that God is pleased with.

When we were still sinners, we were saved from sin by God giving us the Son. The Lord has made us possess, and made us children of God, who have no choice but to live miserably because the source of our existence is dry. This made it possible for us to pray and for us to receive the Holy Spirit. We live in an age where anyone can ask for the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, anyone can bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is the new image of Christians to become a person of the Holy Spirit with gratitude for being saved and bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.”