Jubilee School To Launch Virtual Choir Course Tapping Mainstream Christian Culture


Due to the pandemic, many Christians have started virtual choir projects for online worship. Now, virtual choirs are becoming part of the mainstream Christian culture.

Jubilee School sees this phenomenon to be a very positive development, towards the creation of a beautiful singing culture for Christians, and has decided to actively utilize the tool in school activities.

This year, Jubilee School is reorganizing the curriculum into subjects that can cultivate more skilled musicians. Among them, “choir” subjects related to the school chapel experience are expected to be introduced. Jubilee School’s virtual choir project aims to create a Christian singing culture, and at the same time allow students who want to study at Jubilee School to be admitted to the school’s choir courses.

Through the chorus, may God allow beautiful new songs to be heard all over the world, and for many of the Lord’s voices can be found.