Jubilee School Collaborates with Chapel Team on Worship Broadcasting Project


Jubilee School helps the chapel team and starts broadcasting Sunday worship service. As reported in the last article, Jubilee School and the chapel team are carrying out a total of three projects. In the midst of Christian music-sharing Fellowship Jubileesong, Virtual Choir, and Worship Team, the final project, local recruitment of Worship Team, will be conducted through the production of Sunday worship service.

The production of worship broadcasts referred to here refers to the contentization of each order of worship, not simply to broadcast the scene of worship. Praise and preaching are typical examples. Jubilee School provides school equipment and engineers to the chapel team to help ensure that the quality of sound and video is edited clearly.

The edited and created worship contents can be shared through Jubileesong SNS to provide accurate forms of ministry to many musicians.

School and chapel staff shared the following comments on the project. This is only one way. We are very wary of how methods replace objectives. Even on a small scale, we will truly worship. And through it, we will expect life that God will allow and focus on it.