Jubilee School aims for a small office


Jubilee School aims to become a so-called’small office’ that makes office space more compact and expands space for students as much as possible for students’ more free campus life next year.

The school’s policy begins with the worries to maximize the creative ability of students.

Jubilees School cannot use the outside space as a campus life space, so it must meet the campus life of students within the school. Therefore, the school is focusing on creating an environment where students can collaborate anytime, anywhere by expanding the classroom and practice space on the second floor as much as possible.

As a result, the library space is moved to two places on the first floor that were formerly used as offices. And each class room is expected to be turned into a music-only class room where classes and music work can be done at the same time.

The basic environment of creation is freedom. Heaven is a place where free spirits can settle. Jubilee School hopes that the school will be such a place for musicians.