Chapel Worship Team Opens Online Worship Concert

Cross-Cultural Praise and Worship

On October 24th, at 4pm, a Worship concert was held in the school concert hall. The concert was held as a collaboration between the school’s Chapel Worship Team and the Jubilee Church Worship Band. Because of the pandemic period, we had to do all the steps online, but the fever was the same as that of offline.

This concert was designed to provide opportunities for students living in various parts of the United States to worship together. After the pandemic, all the school contents were conducted online, and the chapel meeting was also divided into small meetings. This is because the number of members of the Worship Team living in Nashville was not sufficient, so it was difficult to prepare the same chapel size as before. Accordingly, the music director of Chapel was planning this concert with the Worship Band of Jubilee Church, which is in partnership with the school.

The song list prepared this time includes many old songs such as’So you would come’,’When I think about the Lord’,’No longer I’and’Habitation’.

“The lyrics of the old songs are really deep and the emotions of salvation are well expressed in them. So the meaning of the lyrics is kept to the fullest, but the music style is the current style, and we made it once.”

More than 80% of current students attended this concert online.

“It was so nice to be able to sing together after a long time. Praise seems to have a lot of power when we are together. The sound is so good that all the sounds are clear, so there was no problem with participating online. I wish there were many opportunities like this in the future. It’s good for us.”

The Chapel Worship Team plans to collaborate with the Worship Band of Jubilee Church in the future to provide this opportunity. In addition, in connection with Song Camp, it was decided to include students’ own songs.

In any situation, our heat of praise will continue to grow.