Winter Quarter Midterms End for Worship-Centered Students


As of last Friday, the 2022-2023 winter quarter midterms have come to an end for students at this school known for its focus on worship-centered education. This particular quarter is comprised mostly of theoretical classes, requiring students to grapple with textbooks more than practical skills. Core subjects related to worship, in particular, are of great importance to both students’ graduation and the school’s educational goals to cultivate Christian musicians centered on worship.

Students aspire to utilize their musical talents for worship, evangelism, and God’s kingdom, beyond merely enjoying and being skilled at music. Regardless of their grades, they affirm that the theoretical subjects have provided them with an accurate understanding of worship and ministry fields. This has led them to appreciate the significance of music ministry, and to stand humbly before God.

With approximately one month left in the quarter, students are hopeful that they will become more mature as Christian music ministers. By the end of the quater, they aspire to have a better grasp on their role as worship leaders and use their skills to serve God and His people.