The 2022 Winter Quarter has been successfully completed.


On March 22nd, the 2022 Winter Quarter was successfully completed.

At the same time, the Office of Student Affairs made a surprising announcement. According to the Office of Student Affairs, students’ class satisfaction and academic achievement, based on the professor’s evaluation report, recorded an all-time high this winter quarter.

In particular, some of the theoretical subjects that introduced new teaching methods showed outstanding results.

The professors in charge of the theory course applied a teaching method that combines the theory of cognitive science in this winter quarter so that students can effectively acquire music theories.

The core of the new teaching method they applied is ‘output-practice’ and ‘time-interval’. ‘Output-practice’ is to get students to use the theory they have learned. To this end, the faculty allowed students to take time to teach the theory they had learned to others. In addition, the professors applied the ‘pomodoro’ technique to maximize the ‘first effect’ and ‘latest effect’ to maximize the students’ concentration.

This teaching method aims to study in a way that suits the mechanisms of the brain.

This has been talked about since last year’s teaching seminar. The professors designed the class so that it can be applied to the actual class and applied it this time. And that effort paid off well.

We would like to express my gratitude to the professors who worked hard and to the students who did their best to participate in the study.