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Jubilee School aims for a small office

Jubilee School aims to become a so-called’small office’ that makes office space more compact and expands space for students as much as possible for students’ more free campus life next

School Director ends her term

Dr. Kim has been a director since the beginning of school. She ended her long term of office last September. She is like a school pioneer. In particular, it has

Fall Quater begins

The 2020 fall quater began with classes on September 21st. Like the previous quater, all classes are conducted online in this quater. In the last quater evaluation, the collaboration method

End of the 1st course registration period

On September 11, the first course registration period ended. The first course registration period is a charge-free registration period, and if you register beyond this period, a late fee will

Summer Quarter has finished well

All classes in the summer quarter on August 28th ended, leaving only the final exam period from August 31st to September 4th. Although the server replacement and maintenance period were