[Jubilee columns] Unfolding Praise: 4. The Role of Music in Praise as a Component of Christian Worship


(This column was written easily for educational purposes targeting everyone above middle school students.)

I. Introduction

Praise is an important part of Christian worship. It means telling God how great He is and thanking Him for what He has done. Music is one of the best ways to praise God. Christians have used music to worship God since ancient times. Different kinds of music can help us express our feelings and thoughts about God. In this column, I will tell you about the history and meaning of music in praise and worship. I will also talk about how singers, choirs, and bands can lead us to praise God together.

II. Examining the historical and theological perspective on the use of music in praise

A. Praise and music worship during the Old Testament period

The Old Testament is the first part of the Bible that tells us about God’s people before Jesus was born. The people of God used music to praise Him for many reasons. They praised Him for creating the world, saving them from their enemies, giving them laws and promises, and showing them His love. They used instruments like harps, lyres, and cymbals to make music for God (Wilson, 2002). They also wrote songs called psalms that tell us about their feelings and experiences with God.

B. Early Christian music and praise

The early Christians were the followers of Jesus who lived in the first centuries after He died and rose again. They learned from the Jewish people how to use music to worship God. They also made new songs that told about Jesus and His teachings. Some of these songs are in the New Testament, which is the second part of the Bible that tells us about Jesus and His followers (Harris, 2017). The early Christians used music to make friends, learn from each other, and share their beliefs about God.

C. New Testament period of praise and worship

The New Testament tells us that Christians should sing to each other “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” (Ephesians 5:19). Psalms are songs from the Old Testament that praise God for who He is and what He has done. Hymns are songs that teach us about God’s character and works. Spiritual songs are songs that express our personal feelings and experiences with God. The New Testament shows us that music can help us grow closer to God and each other.

D. Modern Christian worship music

Today, Christians around the world use different kinds of music to worship God. Some use traditional hymns that have been sung for centuries. Some use contemporary songs that use modern instruments and styles. Some use songs from other cultures and languages that show us how diverse God’s people are. All kinds of music can help us praise God and tell others about His greatness.

III. Discussing the role of singers, choirs, and worship bands in leading congregational praise

A. Singers as worship leaders

Singers are people who use their voices to make music for God. They can sing alone or with others. Singers can lead us to praise God by showing us how faith and music are connected. They can also help us express our emotions and thoughts to God. Singers should sing with skill and sincerity, so that they can inspire and encourage us.

B. The role of choirs in historical and modern worship settings

Choirs are groups of singers who sing together in harmony. Choirs have been part of Christian worship for a long time. They can make the music more beautiful and powerful by using different voices and parts. Choirs can also remind us that we are part of a bigger community that worships God together. Choirs should sing with joy and reverence, so that they can honor and glorify God.

C. Worship bands as facilitators of contemporary worship

Worship bands are groups of musicians who play instruments like guitars, drums, keyboards, and others. Worship bands are very popular in modern churches. They can make the music more lively and engaging by using different sounds and rhythms. Worship bands can also help us participate in worship by inviting us to sing along or clap our hands. Worship bands should play with skill and sensitivity, so that they can support and enhance the singing.

In conclusion, music has always been an important part of Christian worship. Music can help us praise God and learn more about Him. Music can also help us connect with other Christians and share our faith with others. Singers, choirs, and bands can lead us to worship God with music in different ways. We should use music to worship God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.