Artist Spotlight: Natalie Grant



Natalie Grant is a renowned figure in the realm of contemporary Christian music, known for her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners worldwide. Born on December 21, 1971, in Seattle, Washington, Natalie Diane Grant was raised in a deeply religious family where she developed an early love for music and faith.

Her journey into Christian music began in her local church. From singing in the choir to leading worship sessions, Natalie’s passion for using music as a medium to express faith became apparent early on. This passion was not just limited to church walls but extended into her everyday life as well. She began writing songs that reflected her beliefs and experiences at a young age, honing her talent and setting the foundation for what would later become an illustrious musical career.

The initial years were filled with challenges as she tried to navigate through the competitive world of music while staying true to her faith-based roots. However, these challenges did not deter Natalie; instead they fortified her resolve and inspired some of the most profound songs that have touched millions around the globe.

Musical Career

Natalie Grant’s musical career has been a journey of faith, resilience, and artistic growth that spans over two decades. She made her debut in 1999 with the self-titled album “Natalie Grant,” which marked the beginning of her journey into professional Christian music. However, it was her third album, “Deeper Life” in 2003, that started to garner more significant attention.

One pivotal moment in Natalie’s career came with the release of her fourth studio album “Awaken” in 2005. The album was a commercial success and received critical acclaim for its powerful lyrics and Natalie’s impressive vocal range. It served as a turning point for Natalie as it solidified her place as one of the leading voices in contemporary Christian music.

Following the success of “Awaken”, Natalie continued to produce albums that resonated deeply with listeners across the globe. Her discography includes other notable works like “Relentless” (2008), “Love Revolution” (2010), and “Be One” (2015), each adding unique contributions to her evolving musical style.

Over time, Natalie has also shown an incredible ability to create songs that touch on real-life experiences while conveying profound spiritual messages. This is evident from hits like “Held”, which talks about faith during times of loss and despair, or “Your Great Name”, a powerful worship anthem that has become popular in churches worldwide.

Her career is not only defined by successful albums but also by inspiring live performances where she connects with audiences on a deeply personal level. Her concerts are often described as transformative experiences rather than mere musical events – further testament to Natalie’s influence as an artist who uses music not just for entertainment but also for spreading messages of hope and faith.

Artistic Style and Influence

Natalie Grant’s unique artistic style is a harmonious blend of contemporary pop and gospel music, with a touch of soulful country influences. Her music is characterized by profound lyrics that reflect her deep faith, coupled with her remarkable vocal range that can effortlessly shift from soft, heartfelt melodies to powerful anthems.

Her ability to express complex spiritual themes through relatable narratives has made her one of the most influential figures in contemporary Christian music. Her songs often delve into personal experiences and struggles, providing listeners with a sense of companionship during their own trials while offering messages of hope rooted in faith.

One defining aspect of Natalie’s artistry is her exceptional vocal abilities. With a voice that’s been described as both powerful and emotive, she has the capacity to convey deep emotions that resonate with listeners on a personal level. Whether it’s the raw vulnerability in “Held” or the triumphant spirit in “Your Great Name,” Natalie’s vocals add an extra layer of depth to her songs, making them more than just melodies but experiences for listeners.

Natalie Grant’s influence extends beyond her own discography as she continues to inspire upcoming artists within the Christian music scene. She serves as an example for those who wish to use their musical talents as an expression of faith while maintaining authenticity and artistic integrity. Her journey shows how it’s possible to create impactful music without compromising one’s beliefs or creative vision.

In essence, Natalie Grant’s artistic style and influence have played an instrumental role in shaping contemporary Christian music today. Through her thought-provoking lyrics and powerful vocals, she has not only created memorable songs but also inspired many others on their own musical journeys.

Notable Albums and Songs

Over the years, Natalie Grant has released several albums that have significantly contributed to the landscape of contemporary Christian music. Among these, “Awaken” and “Be One” stand out for their powerful messages and musical ingenuity.

Released in 2005, “Awaken” marked a significant milestone in Natalie’s career. The album featured a collection of songs that showcased her exceptional vocal abilities while delivering profound messages about faith and resilience. It included tracks like “Held”, which has since become one of her most popular songs. The song touches on the theme of finding faith during times of loss, resonating deeply with listeners around the world.

Another significant album in Natalie’s discography is “Be One”, released in 2015. This album continues her tradition of combining powerful vocals with compelling lyrics that explore themes related to faith and personal growth. The title track encourages listeners to take action and make a difference in their communities, reflecting Natalie’s own commitment to advocacy work.

Apart from these albums, there are numerous other songs by Natalie Grant that have left an indelible mark on contemporary Christian music. For instance, “Your Great Name” is a worship anthem that celebrates the power and glory of God, becoming a staple song in many churches worldwide.

Each album and song by Natalie Grant carries its unique message but they all share common threads – strong faith, deep introspection, resilience in face of challenges, and an enduring hope for better days. These themes not only define her music but also resonate with millions who find comfort and inspiration through her songs.

Personal Life & Advocacy Work

Natalie Grant’s personal life is deeply intertwined with her faith and music. Married to producer Bernie Herms, she is a mother to three daughters, who are often the inspiration behind her songs about love, faith, and family.

In 2007, Natalie faced a significant health scare when she was diagnosed with an illness that threatened her singing career. This challenging period in her life had a profound impact on her music and perspective on life. It led to the creation of some of her most poignant songs that reflected upon human vulnerability and divine strength.

Beyond being an artist, Natalie Grant has shown immense dedication towards advocacy work. She is particularly involved in fighting against human trafficking through the organization Hope for Justice. Her commitment to this cause can be traced back to 2004 when she first learned about the issue during a trip to India.

Shaken by what she witnessed, Natalie co-founded Hope for Justice alongside other artists in 2005. The organization aims at ending modern-day slavery by rescuing victims of trafficking and providing them with rehabilitation services while also working towards systemic change through policy reform.

Her song “Be One” reflects this advocacy work as it encourages listeners to take action against injustices they see in their communities. Through both her music and advocacy work, Natalie Grant continues to use her platform not only for entertainment but also as a force for positive change in society.

Recognition and Achievements

Natalie Grant’s impactful contributions to contemporary Christian music have not gone unnoticed. Over the years, she has received numerous accolades that testify to her musical talent and influence.

One of the most significant recognitions in her career has been from the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards. Natalie has been named Female Vocalist of the Year multiple times, a testament to her exceptional vocal abilities and artistic vision. These awards also highlight her consistent impact on Christian music over the years.

In addition to Dove Awards, Natalie’s work has also been recognized by one of the most prestigious award bodies in music – The Recording Academy. She has received several Grammy nominations for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance, further cementing her position as one of the leading voices in contemporary Christian music.

Beyond these accolades, perhaps the most telling recognition comes from countless listeners worldwide who have found solace, inspiration, and strength through Natalie Grant’s music. Her ability to touch hearts through songs is a testament to her talent as an artist and dedication as a messenger of faith.

Through all these recognitions and achievements, Natalie Grant continues to stay true to her mission – creating music that uplifts spirits while reflecting on life’s trials and triumphs through a lens of faith.


Natalie Grant’s significance in contemporary Christian music is undeniable. Over the years, she has consistently used her powerful voice and strong faith to create music that transcends entertainment, providing solace and inspiration to listeners worldwide.

Her impactful lyrics have not only resonated with audiences but also paved the way for an honest dialogue about faith and life’s trials and triumphs. Her songs, like “Held” or “Your Great Name”, have become anthems of hope and resilience for many.

Beyond her musical career, Natalie’s dedication towards advocacy work has demonstrated her commitment to using her platform for positive change. Through Hope for Justice organization, she continues to fight against human trafficking, reflecting a deeply held belief in justice and compassion.

As an artist who has influenced many upcoming musicians within the Christian music scene, Natalie Grant’s legacy extends beyond her own discography. She serves as a beacon of how one can use their musical talents as an expression of faith while maintaining authenticity and artistic integrity.

In conclusion, Natalie Grant stands as a powerful figure in contemporary Christian music – a testament to what it means to intertwine artistry with faith and activism. Her journey continues to inspire others on their own paths towards creating meaningful music that speaks truthfully about life’s complexities while illuminating hope through faith.