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Final Exams Start on the 17th

As of today, all classes in the Winter Quarter are over and the final exam period is from tomorrow to the 23rd. The results of the previous survey on class

Look to the Psalms

Dr. Smoak As Jesus prepared to ascend back to heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father he encouraged his disciples to read the Psalms. Here are

Spring Quarter Registration Begins

Registration for the Spring Quarter starts tomorrow the 15th Many students expected to take classes from spring onwards due to the government’s massive dissemination of the Covid-19 (Wuhan Pneumonia) vaccine,

The 2021 Winter Quarter began in earnest.

The 2021 Winterl quater began with classes on January 4th. Like the previous quater, all classes are conducted online in this quater. In the last quater evaluation, the collaboration method

Winter Quarter Orientation

On December 30th, there was an online winter quarter orientation. In the results of a survey on quater last fall, it was reported that the intimacy of school members improved

The Fall Quarter completes successfully

The Fall quarter was all over on the 16th. School staff and students thank God for the safe completion of a course in the online class, where everything was experimental.

The final exam begins

Final exams began in all subjects on the 10th. Again, the media technology team paid close attention to ensure that the final exams were conducted well online. In particular, they