FRI. June 19
Spring quarter ends
THUR. June 25
2015 Spring recital
FRI. July 3
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MON. July 6
Summer quarter begins
MON. July 13
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Music Theory Certificate
As a music performer, the completer of this program can apply this training to improve understanding and musical interpretation towards performance and gain a foundational understanding of music theory by demonstrating through song and instrument.
Worship Leader Certificate
As a trained worship leader, students will have the skills to plan and lead Christian worship services in different types of ministry fields such as youth ministry in traditional church, general worship in contemporary church, para-churches, pioneering church, Christian musical events, etc. Students will also be gain skills to manage musicians and lead church choirs.
Breathecast Internship
Breathecast is the nation's largest online source for Christian music, and has partnered with The Jubilee School to provide internship opportunities. The Breathecast Internship Program is a supervised 120-hour (12 hours per week) internship program lasting ten weeks (about 2.5 months).