Jubilee Alumni Releases First Chinese Album, 'Only the Cross'


Only The Cross


Jubilee graduate Hetao Huang has released a new album, Only the Cross. It is Chinese album that was produced by Jubilee School Studio in Nashville.

Jubilee members from Nashville, Dover New York, Beijing, and Sydney participated in composition, singing, and other technical and spiritual support to complete this first project.

Huang shares, "It was a great experience to learn and practice audio engineering skills like recording, mixing and mastering at the studio. Even if there is still a distance to a professional level, I am hopeful to bring the best Chinese Chrisitan music for God."

It is the first album produced in the music studio of Jubilee School. The school supports students and alumni to achieve their dreams to sing new songs for God and to advance music ministries in their local field.

Track List:
1 我渴慕你的同在 I Yearn For Your Presence
2 诗篇二十三 Psalm 23
3 唯有十字架 Only The Cross
4 正常 Normal
5 唯一的爱 Sole Love
6 让我们祈求 Let Us Pray
7 梦想 The Dream
8 我们要彼此相爱 We Will Love Each Other
9 禧年 The Year Of Jubilee
10 这是天父世界 This Is My Father's World